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How to calibrate the instrument?


How to calibrate the instrument 

The instrument has been calibrated strictly at the factory. You may need to perform calibration procedures when you replace any component that involves the primary measurement characteristics, or when the shift occurs during controls. Calibration of the instrument is to provide the assurance that the instrument is providing results with accuracy as design.

The purpose of calibration is to ensure the accuracy of the measurement result meet the requirement of the design all the time.

To ensure the accuracy of the instrument and obtain reliable measurement results, it is necessary to calibrate the instrument in the following situations:

          a) Installation for the first time or re-setup in a new place.

          b) The instrument is maintained.

          c) The result of quality control is abnormal.

          d) Replace reagent.


To ensure the instrument’s precision and obtain reliable measured results, the instrument should be calibrated in these situations:


Calibrators authorized by Prokan is recommended. Calibrators should be stored and used properly according to the calibrator manual.


Make sure the instrument is in a normal state before calibration.


Avoid using the result of the measurement on medical test or clinical before the calibration is finished accurately.

The commercial calibrator or neutral controls that Prokan authorized is recommended. Check the instrument and reagents carefully before calibration. Make sure the instrument is in normal status,

and make sure the required sample mode of the measurement.


The procedures are as follows:

a) In the blood cell analyzer window, click <Function>---<Calibration>---<Auto> The instrument enters the auto calibration window, as shown in figure below.

b) Input the reference value of each calibration parameter.

c) Prepare the calibrators and shake up the container until it well-mixed.

d) Place the calibrators under the sample needle. Press “START” key, the indicator lamp start to glitter on the front panel of the instrument. The instrument imbibes the calibrators. Move the calibrators away until the indicator lamp stops glittering.

e) When the measurement finished, the result will be displayed on the column of the current window. If alarm occurs in measurement, the current result may be incorrect.

f) Press Delbutton to delete the result and test again after the problem is solved.

g) Press Returnbutton, the instrument will return to the blood cell analyzer window.


Calibration can be performed 5 times at the most.


The calibration result will be displayed after testing 3 times.


If the parameter is an invalid data, the system will not perform calibration. It needs to re-input valid data.


The permissive range of the factors is between 70% and 130%. If the result exceeds the range, the system will not be able to save it. Find out the reason and perform calibration again.

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